25th consecutive no for the Jalisse at the Sanremo Festival. The duo reveals the text of the piece presented

E i Jalisse they make 25, a real record. In fact, 25 years have passed since the duo’s victory at Sanremo Festival in front of Anna Oxa e Syria with Rivers of words. Since then, every year, the duo has presented a song to the artistic director on duty, and every year, for 25 years … Read more

Sanremo 2022: curiosity and participation of all the Big names in the race

Amadeus unveiled the cast of the edition of Sanremo Festival 2022, a parterre that winds its way between seven winners (with a total of ten victories) and ten debuts, appearing even more revolutionary than last year. The winners who return to the competition are: Elisa (2001), Emma (2012), Fabrizio Moro (2007 among the New Proposals … Read more

Alessandra Amoroso: a beautiful song has remained off the record … is it the right time for the debut in the competition at the Sanremo Festival?

Alessandra Amoroso al Sanremo Festival? By now we have lost count of how many times in the last ten years this Rumors began to circulate in the months preceding the most important music festival in Italy and then ended in nothing. Each year the name of Alessandra begins to circulate, every year the Artistic Director … Read more

Sanremo Giovani 2021: Five questions to Vittoria in the race with “California”

Among the 12 young artists who will play the two places between the Big del Sanremo Festival 2022 December 15 a Sanremo Youth 2021 there is Victory, a young Tuscan singer-songwriter who Amadeus and the commission Rai have chosen among the 21 winners of Area Sanremo 2021. For the occasion, we asked the girl some … Read more

Before Sanremo, young Senza_cri decides to donate “Amor / November 25”, a song against gender violence

2021 is an important year for the singer-songwriter Without_cri who, in line with his empathic and always grateful character for life, decides to give the song as a gift Love / November 25, a song against gender violence, to anyone who wants to use it today, on the World Day against violence against women, and … Read more

Sanremo Giovani 2021, important changes to the regulation: no televoting and Amadeus takes the field in first person

Sanremo Youth 2021 regulation. In recent days they have appeared on the site Rai important changes regarding the regulation of the evening broadcast on December 15 on the flagship network of state TV. But what are these new, and very important, changes made that affect voting? Sanremo youth 2021 regulation: the new changes Previously, until … Read more