“On the front” on France 5 with Hugo Clément, between fishing and agribusiness, the damnation of salmon

“On the front / The truth about salmon”, documentary by Hugo Clément. WINTER PRODUCTIONS FRANCE 5 – SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 AT 8:55 PM – DOCUMENTARY At the table and on the screen, he returns regularly as the end of the year feasts approach. Farmed salmon remains a safe bet despite its artificial-colored flesh, its cocktail … Read more

“Salmon, a good vein”, on Arte: a formidable booming industry

Dead salmon at a fish farm in Lofoten, Norway, May 27, 2019. ROALD BERIT / NTB VIA AFP ARTE – TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 AT 8.50 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY This ode to Atlantic salmon won’t appeal to everyone. Vegetarians might be disappointed. The author, Albert Knechtel, certainly delivers a vibrant tribute to this muscular animal, capable … Read more

Two salmon farm-factory projects in Pas-de-Calais spark controversy

Demonstration against the proposed installation by Pure Salmon of a salmon farm in Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais), Saturday, October 30. JOHAN BEN AZZOUZ / PHOTOPQR / VOICE FROM THE NORTH / MAXPPP “No to intensive fish farming in Boulonnais” : It is behind this slogan that residents, associations, elected officials gathered, Saturday, October 30, to denounce the … Read more