Eternals first reactions: Critics call MCU film ‘spectacularly weird’, ‘Marvel’s version of Snyder’s Justice League’ | Hollywood

Eternals premiered in Los Angeles on Monday night and though the embargo on the review is yet to be lifted, critics have taken to Twitter to share their first reactions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Directed by Oscar-winning Chinese director Chloé Zhao, Eternals is MCU’s 26th film and introduces an ensemble of actors into … Read more

Salma Hayek tells how she convinced Angelina Jolie to take part in her cake bite

No matter where she is, Salma never forgets her roots and traditions and always seeks to teach others all the Mexican customs. Recently in celebration of his 55th birthday, Hayek had a very special guest and did not hesitate to teach her one of the funniest peculiarities of our culture. In a video that the … Read more

Celebrities who are the same age, but don’t look it

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Eternals: Sersi has the power of human empathy, says Gemma Chan

Eternals is one of the most ambitious projects in the UCM. Marvel has managed to keep up with the expectations of the fans, on the one hand offering recognized characters and on the other, delivering titles that present superheroes that are not so familiar among the audience. In addition, the film starring Gemma Chan, Richard … Read more

other famous dog lovers

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Salma Hayek and Keanu Reeves celebrate their birthday and fans celebrate it on social networks

Today, September 2, we could remember several important events in history, but for Hollywood movie fans, two actors stand out on this day because they are celebrating their birthdays. The Mexican Salma Hayek, who turns 55, and the Canadian Keanu Reeves, who turns 57. Although they have not acted together in any films so far, … Read more

Eternals: Its runtime would be above Avengers: Infinity War

In just over a month comes the third film belonging to phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it is one of the most anticipated films by connoisseurs of comics. Eternals has many things to tell, especially because of the number of leading characters it has. In meetings as big of superheroes as The … Read more

The true relationship between Eugenio Derbez and Salma Hayek | Celebs | Mexico | MX nnda-nnlt | CHEKA

In the race of Eugenio Derbez, the fans and even the specialized press itself has linked him with many women around him. In many cases, they have been successful and in others, the stories have simply been mere speculation. That is why this time we will see what is the true relationship between the producer … Read more