REVIEWS: Dead Sara is again one of the best albums of the year thanks to “Ain’t It Tragic”

Hurrah! Despite the flood of new records emerging during the pandemic, we have one above average. She is phenomenal and has been waiting for six long years. Dead Sara, meanwhile, was definitely not bored, and despite the lack of inspiration for singing on the album “Ain’t It Tragic”, they finally managed to put it together. … Read more

REVIEWS: Treetop creates music worlds of unusual colors on their nameless debut

Jazz has always been a space of absolute musical freedom. And it doesn’t have to be some free or impromptu trips or other rather ruthless extempore. I also mean freedom in sound or instrumental cast. The eponymous debut of the Treetop trio will serve as a good example in this regard. 8/10 Treetop – Treetop … Read more

REVIEWS: The Flaming Lips and Nell Smith didn’t put it on the album “Where the Viaduct Looms”. The generational difference and ignorance of the repertoire took the songs of Nick Cave to their charm

What happens when well-deserved rockers from The Flaming Lips come together with young singer Nell Smith? Can a group in which the band is more than two and a half times older than the singer work? And will she address a girl who still has everything in front of her, the same music that her … Read more

REVIEWS: Dan Bárta, accompanied by Gustav Brom’s Radio Big Band, breathed new life into well-known hits on “I Killed This Song In The Karaoke Last Night”

Covers are a tricky discipline. A well-grasped remake can elevate the original, but we have dozens of cases where it was a real murder – as the name of Dan Bárta’s joint album and Gustav Brom’s Radio Big Band “I Killed This Song At Karaoke Last Night” suggests. Did they kill? It would be difficult … Read more

REVIEWS: Me And That Man on “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1” keeps the same games as last time, but the magic is slowly disappearing

The Desperate strike Me And That Man, led by metalhead frontman Behemoth, returns and brings the second part of his dark country-rock opus “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 2”. Again, this is a recording full of guests, which the principal Nergal puts in non-traditional contexts. Did the second entrance to the same river … Read more

REVIEWS: Ed Sheeran is trying to come to terms with his previous experience with the album “=”

Mathematical symbols play a very important role in Ed Sheeran’s work. We first added, then multiplied, then divided and now we balance. That sign “equals” is great for naming the current record. Its author balances all his musical faces, which he has shown us so far. As the inconspicuous British became one of the biggest … Read more

REVIEWS: Adele offers overwhelming testimonials and breathtaking vocal performances on the divorce album “30”

The most painful and listener-intensive – this is the expected fourth studio play by fans and critics of British wonders. For six years of waiting for the record “30”, the singer rewards us with personal lyrics and singing moments that take your breath away and hold your heart. This is Adele in top form. Songs … Read more

REVIEWS: Aimee Mann immersed herself in the dark corners of her mind at the “Queens of the Summer Hotel”

American singer Aimee Mann became best known as the songwriter for the award-winning film “Magnolia”. The career of the respected artist was subsequently paved by a number of nominations for prestigious awards, and even one Grammy for the last album “Mental Illness”. How will his successor “Queens of the Summer Hotel” fare? 8/10 Aimee Mann … Read more

REVIEWS: Coldplay get a little lost in their music universe with “Music Of The Spheres”

The British quartet Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman kept their promise and prepared a successor to the generally well-received “Everyday Life” after less than two years. However, despite the commercial success, the ninth row is no longer reaping such warm applause from reviewers around the world. Will we be an exception? … Read more

REVIEWS: Biffy Clyro captures the frustrations and anguish of recent months on “The Myth Of The Happily Ever After”

Biffy Clyro’s ninth studio album “The Myth Of The Happily Ever After” is basically a sister collection to last year’s “A Celebration Of Endings”. It offers a darker view of the whole event of the last two years, during which both recordings were made. And it’s a well thought out act. 8/10 Biffy Clyro – … Read more