By representing a black fetus, a student reveals the invisibilization of diversity in medicine

An anatomical cut of a pregnant woman. This image, often represented in medical textbooks, presents an immutable constant: it is always represented in the body of a white woman. In December 2021, when he created the image of a fetus in the body of a black woman, Chidiebere Ibe, a Nigerian medical student, enabled a … Read more

Study reveals more hostile conditions on Earth as life evolved

Journal Reference: G. J. Cooke, D. R. Marsh, C. Walsh, B. Black, J.-F. Lamarque. A revised lower estimate of ozone columns during Earth’s oxygenated history. Royal Society Open Science, 2022; 9 (1) DOI: 10.1098/rsos.211165 Using a state-of-the-art climate model, researchers now believe the level of ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching the Earth’s surface could have been … Read more

Marco Castello in “Luminarie” reveals what he likes about Christmas

Illuminations is the new song by Marco Castello per 42 Records. The song was surprisingly released on December 20, 2021, on the “octave” day of Saint Lucia, to ideally close the feast of the patron saint of Syracuse. The music of Marco Castello is closely linked to its land, to the traditions of Sicily, and … Read more

STANN reveals new insights into how the brain functions

Journal Reference: Francisco Jose Grisanti Canozo, Zhen Zuo, James F. Martin, Md. Abul Hassan Samee. Cell-type modeling in spatial transcriptomics data elucidates spatially variable colocalization and communication between cell-types in mouse brain. Cell Systems, 2021; DOI: 10.1016/j.cels.2021.09.004 At Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Md. Abul Hassan Samee and his colleagues have taken a major step … Read more

White matter microstructure reveals developmental risk for psychosis

Journal Reference: Suzanne N. Avery, Anna S. Huang, Julia M. Sheffield, Baxter P. Rogers, Simon Vandekar, Alan Anticevic, Neil D. Woodward. Development of thalamocortical structural connectivity in typically developing and psychosis spectrum youth. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, 2021; DOI: 10.1016/j.bpsc.2021.09.009 “This work provides insight into the fundamental changes occurring over development in white … Read more

Denise Manno in “Who knows” reveals a very widespread personal problem

From December 10, 2021 is in the store digital and in radio rotation the song Maybe from Denise Manno. At the same time, it is available online also the video official of the song. Maybe (record label I Disks / management Team Media Group) is written by the same Denise and tells a very personal … Read more

Ancient DNA reveals the world’s oldest family tree

Journal Reference: Chris Fowler, Iñigo Olalde, Vicki Cummings, Ian Armit, Lindsey Büster, Sarah Cuthbert, Nadin Rohland, Olivia Cheronet, Ron Pinhasi, David Reich. A high-resolution picture of kinship practices in an Early Neolithic tomb. Nature, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-04241-4 By analysing DNA extracted from the bones and teeth of 35 individuals entombed at Hazleton North long cairn … Read more

Extinct reptile discovery reveals earliest origins of human tooth, study finds

Journal Reference: Adam K. Huttenlocker, Suresh A. Singh, Amy C. Henrici, Stuart S. Sumida. A Carboniferous synapsid with caniniform teeth and a reappraisal of mandibular size-shape heterodonty in the origin of mammals. Royal Society Open Science, 2021; 8 (12) DOI: 10.1098/rsos.211237 In findings published in Royal Society Open Science, researchers at the University of Bristol … Read more

Millipedes ‘as big as cars’ once roamed Northern England, fossil find reveals

Journal Reference: Neil S. Davies, Russell J. Garwood, William J. McMahon, Joerg W. Schneider, Anthony P. Shillito. The largest arthropod in Earth history: insights from newly discovered Arthropleura remains (Serpukhovian Stainmore Formation, Northumberland, England). Journal of the Geological Society, 2021; jgs2021-115 DOI: 10.1144/jgs2021-115 The fossil — the remains of a creature called Arthropleura — dates … Read more

Deep mantle krypton reveals Earth’s outer solar system ancestry

Journal Reference: Sandrine Péron, Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, Mark D. Kurz, David W. Graham. Deep-mantle krypton reveals Earth’s early accretion of carbonaceous matter. Nature, 2021; 600 (7889): 462 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-04092-z The different isotopes of krypton are chemical fingerprints for scientists sleuthing out the ingredients that made the Earth, such as solar wind particles and meteorites from the … Read more