Luka Elsner takes responsibility: “We weren’t up to it”

In the Ghent camp, we savored that Luka Elsner took responsibility for the defeat. Here are the reactions of the players and coaches after the meeting. Siquet: “In the first half, it was not too bad, especially considering the circumstances. We had chances, we did not know how to materialize them. In the second, we … Read more

Ethiopia: “Western chancelleries have some responsibility for the abuses committed by the regime”

Tribune. After a year of fighting in Ethiopia, the responsibility of the Ethiopian government in engaging the entire country in civil war is more evident than ever. On October 11, two years to the day after he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and a week after his inauguration by the “elected” Parliament in June, … Read more

Fishing crisis: Christophe Castaner calls into question the responsibility of Michel Barnier as negotiator

Michel Barnier, candidate for LR’s nomination for the 2022 presidential election and former special Brexit negotiator for the European Union, December 4, 2020. POOL / REUTERS The thorny diplomatic issue of fishing is invited into the presidential debate. But this time, it is the majority which calls into question the responsibility of an opponent. Asked … Read more