Whether people inform themselves or remain ignorant is due to three factors

Journal Reference: Christopher. A. Kelly, Tali Sharot. Individual differences in information-seeking. Nature Communications, 2021; 12 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-27046-5 Most people fall into one of three ‘information-seeking types’: those that mostly consider the impact of information on their feelings when deciding whether to get informed, those that mostly consider how useful information will be for making … Read more

In Libya, “stocks of weapons remain high and sufficient to fuel any future conflict”, say UN experts

Remnants of missiles and other weapons found in a camp that was being used by Marshal Haftar’s forces in Gharyan, 100 kilometers south of the Libyan capital Tripoli. in June 2019. MAHMUD TURKEY / AFP The number of detected violations of the arms embargo imposed on Libya decreased in 2021 compared to the previous year, … Read more

In France, economists remain calm despite uncertainties related to the Omicron variant

On an oven assembly line at the Brandt d’Orléans plant, November 15, 2021. GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP The fifth wave of Covid-19 and the new Omicron variant? Not even afraid, seem to answer the economists, confident in the trajectory of the hexagonal economy. Growth in the fourth quarter, estimated at 0.5% by the National Institute … Read more

In Sudan, the streets remain determined to bring down the military junta

By Eliott Brachet Posted today at 10:46 a.m., updated at 10:47 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers FactualTens of thousands of Sudanese demonstrated across the country on Thursday, November 25, to denounce any agreement with the generals. The return of Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok has not appeased the protesters. On a pixelated banner, the mustached face … Read more

Remain mobilized against the pandemic

Demonstration against restrictive measures in Brussels, November 21. HATIM KAGHAT / AFP Lhe new wave of Covid-19 sweeping across Europe is painfully dispelling the optimism fueled by the spring and summer vaccination campaigns. They seemed to condemn the pandemic to ebb, or at least bring it under control, it is no longer in question. Turning … Read more

For Science 24/11 // Long Covid: many questions remain

Exchanges with speckled foils, contrasting with the harshness of the debates of recent days on social networks: patients, doctors and researchers met, Friday, November 19, at the Palais des Congrès in Nancy, during a national scientific day on the Covid long, coordinated by the French-language Infectious Pathology Society (Spilf). Some two hundred people were present, … Read more

COP26: “The extraction of fossil fuels and the subsidies granted to them remain unthinkable in the climate negotiations”

Tribune. Is it possible to contain global warming below 1.5 ° C or 2 ° C without ever blacklisting fossil fuels, which are the source of nearly 90% of global CO2 emissions?2 ? No. Yet this is what international climate negotiations have been doing for nearly thirty years. As if the States had agreed to … Read more

“The military will not rule us”: opponents of coup in Sudan remain determined

People protest in Khartoum, Sudan, after a military coup earlier this week, Thursday, October 29, 2021. MARWAN ALI / AP Despite five days of murderous repression, opponents of the military coup in Sudan are determined to put the democratic transition back on track. They are organizing a show of force against General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman … Read more