Milan against Olympiacos relies on the jolly Hall: “Here I play in three roles and I enjoy myself”

At 20.30 Olimpia returns to the Forum in front of 7,500 fans after two consecutive knockouts in the cup. The US winger loves fishing: “It relaxes me and develops my concentration” Milan returns to the Euroleague tonight after two knockouts in a row, bringing 7,500 fans back to the Forum for the high-altitude challenge with … Read more

Cross-country skiing: Stadlober relies on new training stimuli

In any case, the basis seems to have been laid. “I think I’ve improved my training and taken a step forward, especially in the strength area. I feel good, better than last year at this time, I’m ready for the season, ”sgate Stadlober in an interview with the APA before the World Cup kick-off on … Read more