“President in zigzag”, “man of the lobbies”: many political reactions after the announcement of the relaunch of nuclear power by Emmanuel Macron

In a bar in Bayonne during Emmanuel Macron’s televised address, November 9, 2021. BOB EDME / AP It is a short sentence pronounced by Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday, November 9, which triggered many political reactions the day after his address to the population. “We will, for the first time in decades, relaunch the construction of nuclear … Read more

Shevchenko will have to relaunch Genoa, ready for a two-year period

There is an agreement, signatures soon: the Ukrainian champion has overtaken Pirlo. Ballardini: “A difficult moment” Equal is not enough, for Ballardini it is the terminus. Surprisingly, Andriy Shevchenko was ready in his place, who overtook the only other candidate in the running, Andrea Pirlo, who was carefully evaluated. A name of great prestige for … Read more