Interview with DANU & Still Charles: “Red eyes is like a badly taken photo but it represents an important moment …”

In the past few weeks it has been out Red eyes, single of the couple formed by DAY & Still Charles, a song that at the time of its release has conquered the cover of the playlist Sanguegiovane from Spotify. For the occasion we reached the two artists for an interview but first let’s get … Read more

Morning exposure to deep red light improves declining eyesight

Journal Reference: Harpreet Shinhmar, Chris Hogg, Magella Neveu, Glen Jeffery. Weeklong improved colour contrasts sensitivity after single 670 nm exposures associated with enhanced mitochondrial function. Scientific Reports, 2021; 11 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-02311-1 Published in Scientific Reports, the study builds on the team’s previous work*, which showed daily three-minute exposure to longwave deep red light ‘switched on’ … Read more

Mercedes and Red Bull in a new war of words before the decision

The battle between Mercedes and Red Bull continues. Both on and off the track.Now Red Bulls team manager Christian Horner sends a clear pass to Mercedes Toto Wolff.– I do not need to kiss his ass or anything like that. Who is celebrating in Abu Dhabi? (TT) On the track, the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton … Read more

U21 World Cup: clear and flawless success of the young Red Lions against South Africa (5-1)

Belgium – South Africa 5-1 The Belgians played at 16 as Pierre de Gratie did not go up while Lucas Putters, ill in recent days, remained on the bench. From the first minutes, the young Red Lions were masters of the ball. Englebert was very present to animate the game on the left flank. The … Read more

Zaia: “I’m worried, this step will go yellow and then red.” Palù: «Third dose immediately. Children? The Ema decides on the 29th “

Luca Zaia live Sorry, your browser does not support IFRAME. Luca Zaia – live November 15, 2021 “If you go to demonstrate against the Green pass without a mask, obviously the problem is more serious: it means denying the virus”. The president of Veneto supports it Luca Zaia who, saying “very worried”, returns live from … Read more

F1 GP Mexico, Red Bull unleashed in FP3: Perez and Verstappen take off the Mercedes

In the session preceding qualifying, the RB16Bs keep Hamilton and Bottas at 6 tenths. At 1 second the Ferrari of Sainz. Engine penalty for Norris, Stroll and Tsunoda Red Bull was also very fast in the third free practice session of the Mexican GP, ​​the one that precedes the qualifying scheduled at 21 Italian. Sergio … Read more

Unlock the riddle of Jupiter’s red eye

Detail of Jupiter taken by the American probe Juno showing in particular the “big red spot” and other turbulent structures of the atmosphere of the giant gas planet. NASA / JPL-CALTECH / SWRI / MSSS / GERALD EICHSTÄDT / SEÁN DORAN © CC NC SA Colossal vortex over 16,000 kilometers in diameter, the great red … Read more

Off to the G20 with Biden, Draghi and the other leaders. Cleared sit-in near the red zone: the live news

from Online editing The summit between the heads of state and government starts today, here is the news from the capital It leaves today, Saturday 30, a Roma, the G20, the meeting between the leaders of 20 of the richest countries, emerging economies and some international institutions, which together represents over 80% of world GDP … Read more

The Red Flames draw for Euro 2022: France – Belgium again on the program

Ives Serneels, the coach of the Red Flames, wanted to avoid England (host country) and Spain in the final phase of the European Championship played next July, it was understood! The draw made this Thursday evening in Manchester in the presence of Ruben Dias and Juan Mata while Roberto Martinez accompanied his counterpart in the … Read more