Teresa Palmer recounts how she was able to breastfeed her baby on the set of Discovery of Witches: It was a challenge | TV and Show

These days the actress Teresa Palmer Not only is she expecting her fourth child, but she is also enjoying the success of her series A Discovery of Witches, which is currently broadcasting its second season in Chile through Direct TV. “I was desperate to get the part after reading this book,” Palmer explained to EW … Read more

Gabrielle Union recounts the drama of her surrogate motherhood

Many celebrities, both national and international, have opted for the surrogacy to have a child. Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard, Kiko Hernández, Tamara Gorro, Jaime Cantizano, Cristiano Ronaldo, Miguel Poveda are some of them. Normally everyone talks about how beautiful the experience has been, about the nerves during the arrival. Others, such as Quique Peinado ‘Torito’, … Read more

Burning producer of “Memoria” recounts his vision of the film

Written by: Arnold López With the imminent premiere of Memory, it is pertinent to talk about this symbiotic correlation between memory, personal and collective, and the complexity of audiovisual production in a country like Colombia; both themes are intertwined for the benefit of creating stories, with particular points of view in which we can explore … Read more