After a year of decline, a significant rebound in pesticide sales in 2020

After a year of decline, a year of increase is looming. The latest pesticide use figures were communicated on Monday 22 November to the members of the steering and monitoring committee of the Ecophyto plan, aimed at monitoring and measuring the evolution of the use of phytosanitary products in the French countryside. The elements presented … Read more

Covid-19: Germany imposes restrictions on the unvaccinated amid the rebound of the epidemic

Angela Merkel, November 18, 2021, in Berlin. MICHAEL KAPPELER / AFP Faced with an intense fourth wave of a pandemic that has already killed more than five million people worldwide since early 2020, and hospitals under pressure, German officials decided on Thursday (November 18) to impose severe restrictions on non -vaccinated and paved the way … Read more

Faced with the rebound of the Covid-19 and a restless presidential pre-campaign, Emmanuel Macron descends into the electoral arena

Emmanuel Macron’s televised address is broadcast in a bar in Lille on November 9, 2021. MICHEL SPINGLER / AP Emmanuel Macron has therefore once again donned the costume of a warlord. That of a President of the Republic determined not to stay with a weapon in the face of the announced arrival of a fifth … Read more

Reassuring rebound in employment in the United States in October

In New York (United States), November 5, 2021. SPENCER PLATT / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP The United States experienced a reassuring rebound in the labor market in October: the country created 531,000 jobs this month while the unemployment rate fell from 4.8 to 4.6%, according to figures released on Friday November 5 by the Ministry … Read more

Global CO2 emissions rebound to pre-health crisis levels

Coal sorting near a mine in Datong, northern China’s Shanxi Province, November 2, 2021. NOEL CELIS / AFP The Covid-19 pandemic will have had minimal, if not zero, effect in the fight against climate change. Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) fell 5.4% in 2020, due to lockdowns and part of the economy shutting down … Read more