Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple Augmented Reality Glasses Will Get M1 Processor, 6-8 Optical Modules And Will Be Out In Late 2022 | Gadgets News

Most reputable source of leaks about future Apple products, Ming-Chi Kuo, shared another portion of rumors about future augmented reality glasses from this company. In the summer of 2019, he announced that their production would begin from Q4 2019 to Q2 2020 – and he was obviously wrong. It is possible that Apple really had … Read more

Chaos, the Greek ultracar with over 3,000 horsepower: dream or reality?

SP Automotive showed it on the web, providing impressive data. But many doubt the numbers and the project itself. Here because Greece also enters the small world of ultra-high-performance cars, thanks to a project with an enlightening name – Greek Chaos – which aims to be the milestone of a new type of model: ultracars, … Read more

India’s climate promises collide with reality

Ghaziabad, India, November 5, 2021. PRAKASH SINGH / AFP Four days after Narendra Modi’s surprise promise at COP26 in Glasgow (Scotland) to achieve carbon neutrality in 2070, the Indian capital plunged like every winter into extreme pollution. On November 5, the day after the big Diwali celebration, where locals light millions of candles and firecracker … Read more

“Companies can now display carbon neutrality devoid of any physical reality”

Tribune. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) defines carbon neutrality as the balance, on a global scale, between CO2 emissions and removals2 anthropogenic over a given period. In line with the definition of the IPCC, the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe) recalls that the concept of carbon neutrality has “Really meaningful only on the scale … Read more