Sanitary pass deactivated for lack of a booster dose from January 15: 10 questions to understand

Control of a health pass, in August 2021 in Paris, Gare de Lyon. ADRIENNE SURPRISING / AP After the beginning of the deactivations of the health pass for the over 65s who did not receive their booster dose in time, on December 15, it is the turn of the population aged 18 and over to … Read more

What is happening in Kazakhstan? Understand everything in four questions

In front of the town hall of Almaty, Kazakhstan, January 5, 2022. YAN BLAGOV / AP The situation remains tense in Kazakhstan, where dozens of people, including twelve police officers, have been killed, and several thousand injured, in the riots that have rocked the country since Sunday, January 2, after a sharp rise in the … Read more

New research questions ‘whiff of oxygen’ in Earth’s early history

Journal Reference: Sarah P. Slotznick, Jena E. Johnson, Birger Rasmussen, Timothy D. Raub, Samuel M. Webb, Jian-Wei Zi, Joseph L. Kirschvink, Woodward W. Fischer. Reexamination of 2.5-Ga “whiff” of oxygen interval points to anoxic ocean before GOE. Science Advances, 2022; 8 (1) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abj7190 The result rewinds previous research findings that atmospheric oxygen existed prior … Read more

In South Africa, Parliament fire raises questions

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the press in front of the partially destroyed Parliament in Cape Town on January 2, 2022. SEARCH IN THE / AP It’s hard to imagine a more disconcerting symbol to mark the start of the year 2022 in South Africa. While corruption and mismanagement of public affairs are at … Read more

Compulsory teleworking: questions around the sanctions hovering over “recalcitrant” companies

A simple red rag or a real twist on the part of the executive? Whatever the answer, the Ministry of Labor surprised the social partners, who met Tuesday, December 28 in the morning by videoconference to discuss the “compulsory” extension of telework to three or four days a week, by announcing that administrative sanctions could … Read more

Gas in Europe: four questions to understand soaring prices and its consequences

Russia is preparing the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on September 8, 2020. JENS BUETTNER / AP European gas prices have experienced a spectacular increase for several months, and the trend is not reversing. On the first day of winter, Tuesday, December 21, the prices of this fossil fuel broke records on … Read more

Opiate crisis in the United States: a court questions the impunity of the Sackler family

Demonstration by victims of the opioid crisis in front of the Department of Justice, Washington, December 3, 2021. CAROLYN KASTER / AP An American judge invalidated Thursday, December 16, the bankruptcy plan of Purdue, the laboratory accused of having contributed to the opioid crisis in the United States, because it provided a certain immunity for … Read more

Archived Sanremo Giovani 2021 … with many questions: from what is an unreleased song to why the rumors are so realistic

It ended Sanremo Youth 2021. 12 artists competing, three promoted to big … an unreleased track that becomes unpublished, regulations written in sympathetic ink that vanish into thin air and rumors that make noise. Sorry, I’m a fan of Amadeus, but I’m around I swear that I didn’t understand anything about the youth question and … Read more

Health pass disabled for some people over 65: 10 questions to understand

Security agents control health passes on the Strasbourg Christmas market on December 3, 2021. JEAN-FRANCOIS BADIAS / AP December 15 is a first deadline for some over 65: as of Wednesday, their health pass could be deactivated, in accordance with government announcements made in November concerning the vaccine booster campaign. Explanations. For whom will the … Read more

Five questions to Matteo Romano competing in Sanremo Giovani 2021 with “Heads and Tails”

Matteo Romano, the 19 year old from Cuneo who became famous thanks to the single certified with double Platinum, Granted, is ready to go up on Wednesday December 15 on the stage of Sanremo Young with the hope of winning one of two places for the Sanremo Festival 2022. While waiting for the evening we … Read more