World Cup qualification: Italy between horror and defiance

The Sportblatt then correctly added in brackets: “But it’s not over yet.” As in 2017, Italy will have to fight for participation in the World Cup in the play-off. Roberto Mancini prescribed his “Azzurri” optimism. “We have to stay calm,” said the team boss after the 0-0 win in Belfast. “We still have the chance … Read more

Soccer, World Cup qualification: Netherlands in the decisive group game against Norway in Rotterdam

Attack of arrogance against Montenegro Much more cautious spoke van Gaal about the performance of his team against Montenegro, which in turn falls within the scope of his management responsibility. The fit of arrogance against Montenegro when the “Oranje” stars gambled away the victory and the early qualification for Qatar in a 2-0 lead, made … Read more

World Cup qualification: Serbia snatches Portugal’s fixed ticket

This means that seven European World Cup starters have now been determined; Denmark, Germany, France and Belgium had already secured their tickets beforehand. Sweden, Portugal, Russia and also North Macedonia will have to try their luck in the play-off in March, where three more EM tickets will be awarded. In addition to the ten runners-up, … Read more

World Cup qualification: team boss question is clarified after Moldova

According to ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel, the 4: 2 against Israel has no direct impact on the future of the team boss. Afterwards, neither Schöttel nor the new ÖFB President Gerhard Milletich made a clear commitment to go to the World Cup play-offs in March with the 55-year-old. Both were satisfied with the performance. … Read more

World Cup qualification: France shoots Austria into the play-off

World Cup qualification The participation of the Austrian national team in the World Cup play-off has been fixed since Saturday. France won the home game against Kazakhstan 8-0 (3-0) and is thus qualified for the final round in Qatar in 2022. Since it was already clear that Belgium, Italy and Spain would also finish their … Read more

World Cup qualification: fight for fixed tickets goes to the finish

Spain would definitely leave third-placed Greeks behind with a win in Athens. Sweden has already made a guest appearance in Georgia before that and would like to defend the top of the table. If it goes on paper, there will be a real final for the World Cup on Sunday. Spain then receives the Swedes. … Read more

World Cup qualification: Baumgartner has ‘bills open’ with Israel

The 2: 5 before the beginning of September in Haifa “was extremely painful,” said the 17-time international and six-time goalscorer on Tuesday in the team camp. “We still have a bill with them. We will settle it on Friday. ”Baumgartner is not worried about the ÖFB team. “I believe that we have an enormous quality.” … Read more

World Cup qualification: Two construction sites for Neo-ÖFB boss Milletich

World Cup qualification The two final games in the World Cup qualification on Friday against Israel and on Monday against Moldova mark a kind of turning point for the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB). For the first time in twelve and a half years, the association is no longer headed by Leo Windtner at an international … Read more

World Cup qualification: Foda brings two youngsters into the team

Seiwald and Adamu are the only two newcomers. “We decided to bring a breath of fresh air to the team. Both players were convincing both in the championship and internationally, ”said Foda about the 20-year-olds, who last played in the ÖFB-U21 and have Champions League experience. Seiwald has become a regular in Salzburg this season. … Read more