Sanremo 2022: on the occasion of the debut at the Festival, Giovanni Truppi will publish “All the universe – The anthology”

Sanremo 2022 Giovanni Truppi All the universe is the title of the record that the songwriter will release with Virgin Records / Universal Music Italy next February 4th on the occasion of his debut at Sanremo Festival. Before going to discover this new album, however, let’s summarize the musical history of Giovanni Truppi for those … Read more

Cor Veleno and Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti publish “The free people” (the song excluded from Sanremo 2022?)

Cor Veleno Free people con i Three Cheerful Boys Dead is the song released on December 10, 2021 that inaugurates the new musical project, a song that should be the one presented at Sanremo Festival 2022 but which was not chosen by Amadeus to participate in the Kermesse. The song, out for The Storm Disks … Read more