Pardubice – Kladno 4: 3 PP, Jágr returned to Kladno, but did not prevent the collapse of the Knights –

Photo gallery Photo: Josef Vostárek, ČTK Adam Kubík from Kladno rejoices at the goal.Photo: Josef Vostárek, CTK Photo: Josef Vostárek, ČTK Jaromír Jágr from Kladno, Adam Musil from Pardubice and Kyle Wood from Kladno.Photo: Josef Vostárek, CTK Photo: Josef Vostárek, ČTK The hockey players of Kladno rejoice at the goal.Photo: Josef Vostárek, CTK The healed … Read more

“The recreational legalization of cannabis does not prevent work”

Chronic. Five years ago, even if he had not taken a clear position, Emmanuel Macron represented a hope for supporters of the legalization of cannabis. He’s there “Personality of the year 2022” for the magazine The Revue du vin de France, distinguished for “Its constant commitment to wine”, this other psychotropic drug. Government policy has … Read more

Engineered nanomaterial captures off-target cancer drug to prevent tissue damage

Journal Reference: Sarah A.E. Young, Joy Muthami, Mica Pitcher, Petar Antovski, Patricia Wamea, Robert Denis Murphy, Reihaneh Haghniaz, Andrew Schmidt, Samuel Clark, Ali Khademhosseini, Amir Sheikhi. Engineering hairy cellulose nanocrystals for chemotherapy drug capture. Materials Today Chemistry, 2022; 23: 100711 DOI: 10.1016/j.mtchem.2021.100711 “To reduce the off-target effects of cancer drugs during and after localized chemotherapy, … Read more

Life without a health pass for the unvaccinated: “They prevent us from living by wanting to prevent us from dying”

On the Champs-Elysées, in Paris, December 14, 2021. CHRISTOPHE ENA / AP The last confinement ended on June 30, but Thierry kept everything from “This life under the bell”. No more work, no more social life, just a few walks. The 58-year-old man is one of 5.5 million unvaccinated adults, out of concern, conviction or … Read more

A finger cut off to “prevent studying”: in English-speaking Cameroon, the school targeted

To stay up to date with African news, subscribe to the “Monde Afrique” newsletter from this link. Every Saturday at 6 am, find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of “Monde Afrique”. In Kumba, in the southwest region of Cameroon, after the attack on a class on October 24, … Read more

Family dynamics can motivate and prevent talking about health

Journal Reference: Katherine A. Rafferty, Tina A. Coffelt, Nicole Miller. Understanding Criteria that Predict Private Health Information Disclosures between Emerging Adults & Their Parents. Western Journal of Communication, 2021; 1 DOI: 10.1080/10570314.2021.1995622 A new study from Iowa State University finds open dialogue and reciprocal information sharing between parents and emerging adults reduces barriers for talking … Read more

A genetic patch to prevent hereditary deafness

Journal Reference: Erik de Vrieze, Jorge Cañas Martín, Jolien Peijnenborg, Aniek Martens, Jaap Oostrik, Simone van den Heuvel, Kornelia Neveling, Ronald Pennings, Hannie Kremer, Erwin van Wijk. Antisense oligonucleotide-based degradation of c.151C>T mutant COCH transcripts associated with dominantly inherited hearing impairment DFNA9.. Molecular Therapy – Nucleic Acids, 2021; DOI: 10.1016/j.omtn.2021.02.033 Hereditary deafness can manifest itself … Read more

Targeting the brain’s immune cells may help prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease

Journal Reference: Faten A. Sayed, Lay Kodama, Li Fan, Gillian K. Carling, Joe C. Udeochu, David Le, Qingyun Li, Lu Zhou, Man Ying Wong, Rose Horowitz, Pearly Ye, Hansruedi Mathys, Minghui Wang, Xiang Niu, Linas Mazutis, Xueqiao Jiang, Xueting Wang, Fuying Gao, Matthew Brendel, Maria Telpoukhovskaia, Tara E. Tracy, Georgia Frost, Yungui Zhou, Yaqiao Li, … Read more

Iranian nuclear: “We will do everything to prevent Tehran from being about to acquire a bomb”

International negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, in Vienna, Austria, November 29, 2021. EU DELEGATION IN VIENNA / VIA REUTERS Joshua Zarka is deputy director general of the Israeli foreign ministry, in charge of strategic affairs, in particular the Iranian file. While negotiations on Iranian nuclear power resumed, Monday, November 29 in Vienna, he details the … Read more

More strategic COVID-19 testing could prevent distancing and shutdowns

Journal Reference: Emily Howerton, Matthew J. Ferrari, Ottar N. Bjørnstad, Tiffany L. Bogich, Rebecca K. Borchering, Chris P. Jewell, James D. Nichols, William J. M. Probert, Michael C. Runge, Michael J. Tildesley, Cécile Viboud, Katriona Shea. Synergistic interventions to control COVID-19: Mass testing and isolation mitigates reliance on distancing. PLOS Computational Biology, 2021; 17 (10): … Read more