Pragmatic, Switzerland considers drug addicts as “users”

The “Quai 9” injection room, near Geneva central station, October 14, 2010. DENIS BALIBOUSE / REUTERS The place is not exactly characterized by its discretion: a tangle of fluorescent green metallic rectangles, in the middle of a square fought over by pedestrians, cyclists and trams, just behind Geneva central station. Its name, Quai 9, refers … Read more

Female finches are picky but pragmatic when choosing a mate

Journal Reference: Wolfgang Forstmeier, Daiping Wang, Katrin Martin, Bart Kempenaers. Fitness costs of female choosiness are low in a socially monogamous songbird. PLOS Biology, 2021; 19 (11): e3001257 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3001257 Female mating preferences are thought to drive sexual selection in males, but overly choosy females risk missing out on a mate when competition over preferred … Read more