“I couldn’t do my job properly”: disappointed with the hospital, these midwives preferred to open their private practice

By Sandra Favier Posted today at 8:00 a.m., updated at 08:19 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers StoryPoor working conditions and pay have mobilized midwives since the start of 2021. Hospital and liberal professionals are on strike again this weekend. On this rather banal day in 2013, Mélanie Gobillard, then a midwife in a hospital in … Read more

“Faced with the dangers posed by the practice of hunting, the time is no longer for compromise”

Tribune. The motorist who was shot on October 30, 2021 in Brittany by a hunter’s shot unfortunately died. The murderer has been indicted. But what condemnation will he have? How many other hunters, having accidentally killed human beings, have had minimal penalties? In fact, despite a hunting accident every three days in France according to … Read more