In Germany, Olaf Scholz maintains the vagueness of his policy with Russia

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during the Epiphany celebration in front of the Chancellery in Berlin on January 5, 2022. JOHN MACDOUGALL / AFP Between Russia and the United States, there is the European Union (EU). And at the heart of it is Germany. Logically, Berlin should therefore occupy a central place in the intense diplomatic … Read more

“The dissolution of Memorial marks a decisive step in the policy of controlling Russian society”

Tribune. If it comes as a surprise to all those who observe with concern the authoritarian and ultranationalist drift of the regime of Vladimir Putin, the dissolution of Memorial marks a decisive step in the policy of control of Russian civil society and the establishment of ‘an official national story. Founded in 1989, it is … Read more

Marc Julienne: “France’s Chinese policy has become illegible and inaudible, because it is outdated and insufficiently demanding”

A On the eve of the French presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), it is urgent to clarify France’s policy towards a key player in international relations: the People’s Republic of China. While, across the world and in Europe, a number of states are updating their Chinese policy, taking note of the … Read more

Agronomy students challenge Emmanuel Macron on his agricultural policy

It all started with a few teacher-researchers, attached to half a dozen schools of agronomy, political science or economics, and eager to give their master’s students a subject of study “concerning” and of news: the implementation by France of the next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which should apply between 2023 and 2027. The result is … Read more

Between variant Omicron and inflation, the European Central Bank chooses a very accommodating monetary policy

ECB Presidency Christine Lagarde, in Frankfurt (Germany), December 16, 2021. POOL / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP ” Step by step. “” Gradual. “” Avoid a sudden transition. “ Christine Lagarde was barely on Thursday December 16 to insist on the soft and accommodating approach of the European Central Bank (ECB). Admittedly, faced with the economic … Read more

“In the United States, racism has taken an insidious form which has conditioned the economic policy of the Republican Party since the 1960s”

Chronic. The propetanist rhetoric of the presidential candidate Eric Zemmour shocks and sparks a lot of ink. In the same way as that, xenophobic, of candidate Donald Trump during the American presidential election in 2016. Do these rhetorics mark a real break in the political landscape? Or are they just the worsening of a trend … Read more

How we measure the effects of methane matters for climate policy

Journal Reference: Ignacio Pérez-Domínguez, Agustin del Prado, Klaus Mittenzwei, Jordan Hristov, Stefan Frank, Andrzej Tabeau, Peter Witzke, Petr Havlik, Hans van Meijl, John Lynch, Elke Stehfest, Guillermo Pardo, Jesus Barreiro-Hurle, Jason F. L. Koopman, María José Sanz-Sánchez. Short- and long-term warming effects of methane may affect the cost-effectiveness of mitigation policies and benefits of low-meat … Read more

“Switching to compulsory vaccination would not necessarily have more effect than the current policy”

A female patient after receiving an injection of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, at a coronavirus vaccination center in Nice, France, December 1, 2021. ERIC GAILLARD / REUTERS Jocelyn Raude, researcher in social psychology at the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health, explains to the World why, according to him, the vaccination obligation would not necessarily … Read more

Russia, sponsor of a policy of small steps between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Russian President Vladimir Putin (center), his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliev (left) and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pachinian (right) meet in Sochi (Russia) on November 26, 2021. MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV / AP Addressing the most urgent, postponing thorny issues: this is the objective of the meeting organized by Vladimir Putin, Friday, November 26, between Armenian and Azerbaijani … Read more

Emmanuel Combe: “Europe must not disarm its competition policy”

Tribune. At a time when the theme of economic sovereignty is entering the debates and when Europe intends to better regulate the digital giants, competition policy seems to have lost its primacy. Some even consider that it would belong to the past, to the point of having to give way to other public policies, considered … Read more