Slovácko in emotions! I didn’t even play with my hands. I do not understand why the goal was not paid, says Kohút –

Viktorka scored the leading goal in the corner in the 49th second and her victory in the match of the leading teams of the table was sealed in the second half with her jubilee tenth goal in this first league year, striker Beauguel. In the meantime, however, they transported the balloon twice to the home … Read more

Milan against Olympiacos relies on the jolly Hall: “Here I play in three roles and I enjoy myself”

At 20.30 Olimpia returns to the Forum in front of 7,500 fans after two consecutive knockouts in the cup. The US winger loves fishing: “It relaxes me and develops my concentration” Milan returns to the Euroleague tonight after two knockouts in a row, bringing 7,500 fans back to the Forum for the high-altitude challenge with … Read more

Slavia – Feyenoord 2: 2, Slavia did not use the power play and she will share the promotion in Berlin –

The introduction was according to the ideal scenario of domestic fighters. The visitors kept the pressure on to tie the game when, after 80 minutes, Bah broke through the center and found himself alone with the keeper. The Feyenoord in Eden confirmed that he was currently an elite in the Netherlands. In a tough battle … Read more

Why Felix Kroos wants to play for an eight division club

“If you want to know my current condition: I am healthy, but not fit!”, Felix Kroos joked recently in his podcast “Einfach mal Luppen”. But fitness should go up again, because he joins Fortuna. However, not one of the great Fortunas from Düsseldorf or Cologne. No, Fortuna Pankow. Football District League, Season 3, Eighth League. … Read more

The best of today’s indie scene will play in Roxy: Benee and Half Alive are heading to Prague

The dreamy voice of the disgruntled Generation Z is the New Zealand star Benee. The 21-year-old musician became famous last year during a pandemic when her hit “Supalonely” (ft. Gus Dapperton) became a musical symbol of the first quarantine. He will come to Prague for the first time on May 22 next year. Tickets (CZK … Read more

A little hope of starting the spring play at home to the Czech national team remained. But the premise is a lot …

National team manager Libor Sionko, coach Jaroslav Šilhavý and assistant Jiří Chytrý during the national football team training before the matches of the World Cup 2022 with Wales and Belarus. Vlastimil Vacek, Right And there are also Poles here. Although they finished the group with only 14 points, the difference in score of +8 goals … Read more