What premieres of the week do you have to see on Netflix, HBO Spain, ATRESplayer and other platforms

18 premieres hit our screens this week. 18 stories and one of them stands out above the rest. We had been waiting for the premiere of the third season of ‘Succession’ for a long time and it is finally here. The Roys’ betrayals and conspiracies are going to capture the interest of many viewers. By … Read more

From ‘Belfast’ to ‘Spencer,’ Top Oscar Contenders Are Skipping Platforms to Open Big

For an Oscar-contending film, the platform run — opening in perhaps five theaters in New York and Los Angeles, and slowly increasing its footprint over weeks or months — is sacred. In the last 15 years, “Argo” and “The Departed” are the only two Oscar Best Picture winners that opened in more than 25 theaters. … Read more

Two platforms bring more movies and series to enjoy

MUBI The boat (NOW AVAILABLE) First feature by Argentine director and screenwriter Sabrina Blanco. A sensitive and realistic story of an unstable adolescent, who does not fit in her environment and pursues the desire to be a boat: a job only carried out by men that is soon to disappear. With Sergio Prina from Tucumán … Read more

The 7 best series you can see in May 2021 on Netflix and other platforms – News of series

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8 action movies with Liam Neeson that you can find on platforms

Grammatical constructions in the style of “a Liam Neeson” or “typical Liam Neeson movie” are already very common among movie consumers. The 68-year-old actor, a true Hollywood legend, knew how to build a genre with his name since he Relentless search (Taken) conquered the world more than ten years ago. The event is exceptional. What … Read more

The best series premieres on streaming platforms of the week

These are some recommendations of the premiere series in recent days and also other classic series that are integrated from television to streaming platforms after a few years. ATRESPLAYER PREMIUM ‘TOY BOY’ Álex González, the new enemy. Atresmedia Season 2. Hugo Beltrán (Jesús Mosquera) has managed to prove his innocence for the murder of Philip … Read more

the series, films and documentaries that reach the catalog

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5 reasons to watch ‘Seinfeld’, a revolutionary classic and one of the best comedy series ever

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the only ‘Elite’ plot that Netflix removed from the creators of the series

Related news In our interview with Carlos Montero, showrunner and co-creator, from the series Elite We couldn’t avoid the temptation to ask him if the streaming platform had ever thrown a plot to the writers. “I will be honest. Let me think, “he said before looking back and falling into the only veto of Netflix … Read more