‘A Silent Place 2’: Why didn’t John Krasinski want to do the sequel? – Movie news

‘A Silent Place 2’ has hit theaters after being postponed and there is a peculiar anecdote involving John Krasinski and his refusal to make a sequel. Do you know why I didn’t want to expand the title? With just $ 17 million, A Silent Place was produced and that did not prevent it from becoming … Read more

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‘A Silent Place 2’: John Krasinski Explains Why He Won’t Direct Part Three – Movie News

‘A silent place: Part 2’ had John Krasinski back in the direction, he even had a sequence at the beginning as Lee, however, for the confirmed third part he will not be in front and Jeff Nichols will replace him. We know that the third part of A Silent Place will happen, because Paramount Pictures … Read more

10 Best Horror Movies That Take Place In Skyscrapers

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John Krasinski directs ‘A Quiet Place 2’: “I totally believe in a higher power”

John Krasinski and his wife, actress Emily Blunt, at the premiere of ‘A Quiet Place 2’ in New York on March 8. He directs his wife, actress Emily Blunt, in the sequel to ‘A Quiet Place’: “I am very afraid of the world my children will find in the future” ‘A quiet place 2’ arrives … Read more

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