Delia Duran takes revenge on Alex Belli? / Photo with Simone Bonaccorsi: “just friends”

Alex Belli al Big Brother Vip 2021 discovers photos of his wife Delia Duran in the company of another man. This is the model Simone Bonaccorsi, a friend of her husband who appears rather calm. “No, it’s Simo. I know him, he is with a friend of mine, they love each other. Simo I took … Read more

Interview with DANU & Still Charles: “Red eyes is like a badly taken photo but it represents an important moment …”

In the past few weeks it has been out Red eyes, single of the couple formed by DAY & Still Charles, a song that at the time of its release has conquered the cover of the playlist Sanguegiovane from Spotify. For the occasion we reached the two artists for an interview but first let’s get … Read more

Wikipedia photo of man mistakenly used for two years to illustrate serial killer page

Little stingy in nicknames, the American press had nicknamed him “The killer Robocop”. Inspired by Paul Verhoeven’s film featuring the police cyborg, Nathaniel White murdered six women between 1991 and 1992 in New York State before being sentenced in 1993 to life imprisonment. Like other serial killers who marked the spirits, Nathaniel White very quickly … Read more

Photo in Reunion, sculpture and fashion in Paris, plant art in Loir-et-Cher: the cultural agenda of “World Africa”

Every Friday, the cultural agenda of World Africa offers you events to follow on the continent, in France and elsewhere in the world. At the African Photography Meetings, in Bamako, in November 2019. MICHELE CATTANI / AFP The “Africa2020” season ended on September 29, but there is still time to take advantage of certain events … Read more