How to change your life Keira Knightley: I pass everything, I say what I think and I go out with a rocker

One: Learn to say NO Keira started acting very young and her beginnings were not easy. Although she is now a cult actress, at first she had to accept some television clutter to get into the trade. The public began to notice that skinny and misplaced girl at 16, with The Hole, a psychological horror … Read more

GameZone Brings A “Game Pass” To Blockchain Games, IDO Launches September 30th

Blockchain gaming is one of the hottest trends in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem; everyone can make money with these games, although some will require a rather steep upfront investment. GameZone is a revolutionary project in the blockchain gaming segment and will elevate the cross-chain interoperability of games. The Power of Blockchain Gaming Earlier this year, … Read more

What’s wrong with me, doctor? And television responds serially

Medical dramas have flooded television since its inception as an undeniable source of entertainment. and They have always been well received by viewers. The human being has long been attracted to the world of health. And fear disease. The TV, who always draws inspiration from real life in the first place, has captured that reflection … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pass each other (at least in networks)

Wait because when we had already assimilated that the love story fantasy of Jennifer Lopez (52) y Ben Affleck (49) It was real as life itself, we just realized a little detail that everyone had missed. Turns out that Neither of them follow the other on Instagram! Ben only follows 94 accounts, including names like Tom Brady, … Read more

“Politicians pass, culture remains”

Related news It is not unusual for a director’s career to run parallel to a film festival. If Cannes has been Pedro Almodóvar’s second home until he decided to cheat on Venice, Toronto is the (almost) private preserve of Manuel Martín Cuenca. Since the selection committee of the Canadian contest discovered him with Half of … Read more

Xbox and 13 more free games on Game Pass: Sable, Aragami 2, Lemnis Gate and more

Xbox announced the new batch of free titles coming to Game Pass during the second half of the month: Sable, Lemnis Gate, Aragami 2 and more. Xbox announced the arrival of 13 new free games to Xbox Game Pass for the second half of September. In line with Microsoft’s policy of maximizing the subscription service, … Read more

Indiana Jones 5’s Harrison Ford to Pass the Fedora to Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Rumor has it Indiana Jones 5 star Phoebe Waller-Bridge could take over as the Indiana Jones franchise’s lead going forward, replacing Harrison Ford. Rumor has it Harrison Ford will pass his fedora to his Indiana Jones 5 co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The Daily Mail reported that Waller-Bridge is “tipped” to replace Ford as the Indiana Jones … Read more