“Participating in this saga is a once in a lifetime opportunity”

LOS ANGELES, 30 (EUROPA PRESS – Raquel Laguna) John Cena plays the villain Jakob Toretto in ‘Fast & Furious 9’, the ninth installment of the iconic franchise that has already raised more than 6,000 million dollars with its previous installments and that this year celebrates its twentieth anniversary. After sweeping theaters around the world, where … Read more

‘Fast and furious 9’: Tyrese Gibson asks Rihanna to participate in the saga – movie news

The saga of ‘Fast and Furious’ has been characterized by adding to the cast of each installment movie or music stars, so now Tyrese Gibson has raised his voice and mentioned that he would love for Rihanna to join the franchise. With Fast & Furious 9 came the cameo of rap star Cardi B, who … Read more