Olympia and the Annika Schleu case: “Hit it right” – a consideration from a distance

If I look back at the scenes today, the greatest miracle for me is that the horse Saint Boy actually started the course with Annika Schleu afterwards, but did not finish it because of four refusals. Under these circumstances, you should never have started this course. Show compassion – for humans and animals When I … Read more

Olympia 2022: NHL cancels participation – German professionals disappointed

Beijing was therefore in between for many ice hockey professionals Vancouver and Florida, between Toronto and Saint Joseph become something of a place of longing. That is why the players had won the assurance of the league association that they would be able to take part in the winter games. Participation in the Olympics promised … Read more

Olympia, Beijing 2022: IOC reports another video switch with Peng Shuai

A week and a half earlier, the IOC had already spread the news about an initial attack with Peng Shuai. In addition, the IOC presented a picture of a video call with President Thomas Bach, combined with the message that she was well and safe at home – which, however, left more pressing questions for … Read more