Crisis in the West Indies: “We are blocking, but we are also blocking”: a night at the La Boucan dam, in Guadeloupe

Ten men lift a large billboard and send it crashing down on a heap of tin, old washing machines and charred car wrecks. The bitumen of the Nationale 2 is soaked in gasoline, we see it in the light of the flames which rise from a pile of burnt tires a few meters away. Rumor … Read more

WAHLBERG: A magical basketball night in the Globe – could not have started better

Could not have started better for Swedish basketball Published: Less than 50 minutes ago Updated: Less than 40 minutes ago full screen Photo: JOEL MARKLUND / BILDBYRÅN There is something magical about basketball nights in the Globe and no one thrives better than Ludvig Håkanson. No one still dreams of the World Cup. But if … Read more

Guadeloupe: interministerial crisis meeting after another night of violence

November 17 in Abymes, Guadeloupe. CARLA BERNHARDT / AFP Blockades resumed, Saturday morning November 20 in Guadeloupe, after another night of looting and fires linked to the mobilization against the health pass. Despite the curfew imposed on Friday evening, police and gendarmes were targeted by gunfire, and twenty-nine arrests were made. The ministers of the … Read more

An “accommodation lock” to accommodate migrants during the night will be created in Calais

Migrant camp in Calais, February 18, 2019. PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP The State will create in Calais a «Sas» from “Sheltering” allowing to temporarily accommodate 300 migrants at night, before redirecting them to permanent accommodation, announced Wednesday, November 3, the government mediator charged since October 27 by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, to … Read more