In Niger, a French military convoy blocked by demonstrators

Burkina Faso army officers patrol near a French army armored vehicle in Kaya after protesters blocked the passage of a military convoy on November 20, 2021. OLYMPIA DE MAISMONT / AFP While its passage had already created tensions in Burkina Faso, the French military convoy was again blocked by demonstrators, Saturday, November 27, in Téra … Read more

A forest has grown on pebbles: in Niger, the Great Green Wall is advancing slowly

At the Simiri site, in Niger, on November 13, 2021. BOUREIMA HAMA / AFP On the ground, goats bite the seeds of acacia, a shrub with formidable thorns: once a lunar landscape, the Simiri plateau, a town located about a hundred kilometers north of Niamey, has turned into a small paradise for wildlife and flora. … Read more

Niger: murderous attack by jihadists in the “three borders” area

It is one of the most deadly attacks committed in the so-called “three borders” area, a region where the territories of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger meet, without physical delimitation, and where jihadist groups operate. More than sixty villagers members of self-defense militias were killed in Niger in an attack in the Tillabéri region, the … Read more