Nicaragua officially asks to leave the Organization of American States

Press conference by Denis Moncada (center), to announce that the country has started the process of leaving the OAS, in Managua, Nicargua, on November 19, 2021. STR / AFP Nicaragua officially asked, Friday, November 19, to leave the Organization of American States after criticism of the OAS on the “Legitimacy” the November 7 election which … Read more

In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega isolated after a poll denounced as a “farce”

Portraits of Nicaraguan political prisoners during a demonstration by exiled opponents on November 7 in Guatemala City. JOHAN ORDONEZ / AFP The victory of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, re-elected without surprise, Sunday, November 7, in a ballot without competition, was greeted by an almost unanimous condemnation of the international community. The former Sandinista guerrilla and … Read more

Nicaragua awaiting unsurprising results of a presidential election phagocytosed by the Ortega couple

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega ready to vote for the presidential election he will, unsurprisingly, win on November 7 in Managua. CESAR PEREZ / AFP While suspense is non-existent over the verdict of the presidential elections in Nicaragua, polling stations closed in the Central American country at 6 p.m. local time on Sunday, November 7, and … Read more

In Nicaragua, an election against a backdrop of repression

A press conference of Nicaraguan exiles to denounce the electoral process in Nicaragua, ahead of the presidential and legislative elections on November 7, in San José, Costa Rica, on November 4, 2021. MAYELA LOPEZ / REUTERS Every day, a patrol stops near his house. Six police officers line up conspicuously in front of his windows, … Read more

How the Ortega couple got hold of Nicaragua

By Frédéric Saliba Posted today at 4:30 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationThe crackdown on opponents of the president since 2018 deprives the November 7 elections of credibility. The Ortega clan, headed by the vice-president and first lady, Rosario Murillo, is ready to do anything to keep power. Target of popular revenge, a dozen gigantic … Read more