Faced with Eric Zemmour, the mayor of Geneva breaks with traditional Swiss neutrality

The current mayor of Geneva, Frédérique Perler, in 2020. MARTIAL TREZZINI/KEYSTONE-ATS “This gentleman is not welcome. Its presence is not opportune in a place managed by the city; which would make her complicit in the spread of hate messages (…) We would be in total contradiction with the policies that we lead and with the … Read more

Inexpensive carbon-based catalyst for carbon neutrality

Journal Reference: Byoung Joon Park, Ying Wang, Yechan Lee, Kyung‐Jong Noh, Ara Cho, Myeong Gon Jang, Rui Huang, Kug‐Seung Lee, Jeong Woo Han. Effective Screening Route for Highly Active and Selective Metal−Nitrogen‐Doped Carbon Catalysts in CO2 Electrochemical Reduction. Small, 2021; 17 (42): 2103705 DOI: 10.1002/smll.202103705 To this, a POSTECH research led by Professor Jeong Woo … Read more

“Companies can now display carbon neutrality devoid of any physical reality”

Tribune. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) defines carbon neutrality as the balance, on a global scale, between CO2 emissions and removals2 anthropogenic over a given period. In line with the definition of the IPCC, the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe) recalls that the concept of carbon neutrality has “Really meaningful only on the scale … Read more

COP26, day 3: carbon neutrality, private jets, access restrictions … what to remember from this day

Extinction Rebellion activists demonstrate against “greenwashing” in Glasgow on November 3, 2021. ALASTAIR GRANT / AP Find every day at the end of the day the highlights of the 26e United Nations Climate Conference, to be held until November 12, as well as insights from journalists from the World. What you must remember : 450 … Read more

COP26: India surprises by promising carbon neutrality for 2070

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his statement at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland on November 1, 2021. ALASTAIR GRANT / AP India created the surprise, Monday 1is November, in Glasgow, Scotland. The South Asian giant has set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2070, announced Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech, delivered … Read more

How Britain plans to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) and Microsoft founder Bill Gates at a green finance summit in London on October 19, 2021. LEON NEAL / AFP Only ten days before the opening of COP26, of which it is the host, the Johnson government finally made public, Tuesday, October 19, its strategy to achieve carbon neutrality … Read more

Climate: Australia aims for carbon neutrality by 2050

A coal mine in Singleton, north of Sydney, in November 2015. Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal, on which much of its power generation is based. WILLIAM WEST / AFP It is for the moment a declaration of intention, nothing more. Australia announced Tuesday, October 26, to target net zero emissions for 2050. … Read more