Covid-19: in the Netherlands, deconfinement in stages

The Dutch Prime Minister, on the left, and the Minister of Health, announce the partial deconfinement, January 14, 2022. SEM VAN DER WAL / AFP According to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, it is “an important step but a responsible risk” adopted by his government by announcing, Friday, January 14, a partial deconfinement which should … Read more

Netherlands: the new government invested, ten months after the elections

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, and King Willem-Alexander welcome the members of the new coalition government, which took office on January 10, 2022. SEM VAN DER WAL / AFP Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s fourth coalition government in a row was invested in the Netherlands on Monday January 10, ten months after the … Read more

In the Netherlands, the new government of Mark Rutte emphasizes the social

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte receives State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Eric van der Burg in The Hague on January 3, 2022. BART SIZE / AFP If he completes his fourth government experience, Mark Rutte, 54, will break all longevity records in the Netherlands having been Prime Minister from 2010 to 2025. Will he … Read more

In the Netherlands, investigation into attack on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 impossible

Deputy Judge Daan Glass inspects the reconstruction of the wreckage of the MH17, in Rijen (the Netherlands), on May 26, 2021. PIROSCHKA OF THE WOW / REUTERS After three days of marathon indictment, it is by the applause of relatives of victims of the MH17 crash that the team of prosecutors was welcomed, in a … Read more

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the bloody breakthrough of the Mafiosi

By Thomas Saintourens and Simon Piel Posted today at 05:57 Reserved for our subscribers Investigation“The Europe of“ narcos ”” (1/2). In a two-part survey, “Le Monde” looks back on the rise of organized crime in the Benelux. Powerful drug trafficking groups, some with ties to the Moroccan community, have emerged in recent years against a … Read more

Covid-19: Netherlands closes primary schools a week earlier for fear of the Omicron variant

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at a press conference in The Hague on December 14, 2021. BART SIZE / AFP “We cannot ignore the signal concerning the Omicron variant”, warned Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Tuesday, December 14, announcing the early closure of primary schools for the Christmas holidays. Establishments in the Netherlands will … Read more

Netherlands: coalition agreement to form a government after nine months of discussions

Although the VVD won the parliamentary elections, Mark Rutte needs the support of the D66, the CDA Christian Democrats and the Christian Union to secure a majority in Parliament. PHIL NIJHUIS / AFP Four Dutch political parties reached an agreement on Monday (December 13th) which should allow Prime Minister Mark Rutte to form his fourth … Read more

Netherlands: official apology for trans people

Dutch Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven, at the Groninger Museum in Groningen (Netherlands), in April 2021. SIESE VEENSTRA / AFP It is a world first which was discreetly celebrated, Saturday, November 27, in a room of the Parliament of The Hague. A Dutch minister has formally apologized to the trans community for the suffering they have … Read more

Covid-19: Netherlands and Belgium decide on new package of measures

Members of the Royal Netherlands Marshal’s Assistance Unit (ME) are stationed around the Ministry of Justice and Security in The Hague on November 26, 2021, during a press conference of the First Dutch Minister, Mark Rutte. PHIL NIJHUIS / AFP A few hours apart, the Belgian and Dutch prime ministers announced on Friday November 26 … Read more

In the Netherlands, violent protests for three days against health restrictions

A car set on fire after a demonstration against anti-Covid restrictions, in Rotterdam, on November 20, 2021. JEFFREY GREENWEG / AFP For the third consecutive evening, violent demonstrations directed against the government of Mark Rutte, which last week decreed new health measures, took place in several cities in the Netherlands on Sunday, November 21. The … Read more