Twitch money laundering network dismantled in Turkey

This case was made public following a major data breach suffered by Twitch in October. NICOLAS SIX / QUENTIN HUGON / “THE WORLD” A hack, a money laundering network and one of the most popular sites in the video game industry: it’s a surreal story that saw a new twist on Tuesday, January 4, in … Read more

Anger grows after World Cup chaos: “Loses all money on flights”

Published: Less than 3 hours ago Updated: Less than 20 minutes ago full screen Great Britain’s national team. Anders Gidrup looms in the middle of the picture. Photo: PRIVATE The anger over the postponed bandy World Cup for women is growing. After the sudden announcement, the UK, among other things, has around SEK 35,000 in … Read more

China: Macau’s dirty money in the sights of central authorities

The new “king of paris” of the special administrative region of Macao (China), Alvin Chau, CEO and majority shareholder of the leisure travel operator Suncity, was remanded in custody on Monday, November 29, along with four of his associates, after more than fourteen hours of questioning which, according to the local press, resulted in a … Read more

“I have never borrowed money in my life but I had no choice”: after the shock of Covid-19, the sinking of the Indian middle class

Par Ravi Pinto Posted today at 09:59 Reserved for our subscribers ReportagePawn shops, jewelry sales, online jackpots… Indians are trying, by all means, to overcome the economic crisis which has plunged 230 million people below the poverty line. The queue extends to the sidewalk. Still, clients of Muthoot Finance, one of the largest pawn shops … Read more

“The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a little bit of sport, a lot of money, and massive human rights violations”

Tribune. From the “shame balls” of 1998, made in Pakistan by underpaid and abused children, to the Russia of 2018, champion of repression, the recent history of the FIFA World Cup is marked by scandals. A little bit of sport, a lot of money and cynicism, and massive human rights violations: that could be the … Read more

Ribom’s money rain in “wrong” sport: “Very much worth it”

Published: Just now VAL SENALES. Emma Ribom, 23, drove in more prize money in a couple of competitions in roller skis this summer than she earned in total during the World Cup circus last year. Now the cross-country skier has hired his former apartment neighbor to take the next step in his career. – I … Read more