After the death of 27 migrants, European ministers and the European Commission will meet in Calais on Sunday

In Calais, Wednesday November 24, 2021. At least 27 migrants died that day in the sinking of a boat off Calais. In the evening, volunteers and members of associations gathered at the entrance to Quai Paul-Dévot in support of migrants. AIMÉE THIRION FOR “THE WORLD” France invites “The ministers in charge of Belgian, German, Dutch … Read more

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping to meet on Monday

INGRAM / PHOTONONSTOP While waiting for a meeting in person, which still does not arrive, Joe Biden must be satisfied with a new virtual summit. The US president and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, will have a meeting by videoconference on Monday, November 15, the third meeting between the two leaders as disputes between Washington … Read more

Meet Young Clubber, who’s been getting attention at House Music

short Music Non Stop no Facebook This is Felipe Desiderio, the artist behind the Young Clubber and better known as febem. “My history of playing electronic music started before I wrote Rap.”—so begins our conversation about his career. I, a fan of tracking artists that multiply in different projects, looking forward to receiving you in … Read more