Sanremo 2022: Highsnob & Hu – Take care of me. Meaning, text and authors of the song competing at the Festival

Highsnob e Hu Take care of me text, meaning and authors of the piece in competition a Sanremo 2022. They are the couple who were most surprised at the moment of the announcement of the cast of the big names competing at the Festival (even if our site had revealed it two days before the … Read more

gIANMARIA: text, meaning and audio of Rapporti & Piante

gIANMARIA Reports & Plants text and meaning of the passage. Reports & Plants is the fourth track of the songwriter’s debut album. gIANMARIA Reports & Plants meaning Here’s how the singer-songwriter talks about this song: A text in which I try to find solutions and explanations to the most complicated thing in the world, relationships. … Read more