Footgate: Roger Vanden Stock and Georges Leekens are not among those prosecuted, here is the full list

In the end, 56 club managers, coaches, referees and players’ agents were prosecuted by the federal prosecutor’s office as part of Operation Clean Hands. Among them, some very big names, such as the president of Standard Venanzi, the strong men of Bruges Verhaeghe and Mannaert and the ex-president of the Belgian Union François De Keersmaecker, … Read more

Romelu Lukaku Best Belgian abroad, Janice Cayman crowned among the ladies, three Bruges residents rewarded: discover the complete list of the Golden Shoe

Janice Cayman wins 6th Women’s Golden Shoe, 2nd in her career Olympique Lyonnais player Jancie Cayman won the 6th Women’s Golden Shoe, rewarding the best Belgian player of the year, at the 68th Golden Shoe Gala on Wednesday, the second of her career. She succeeds Tine De Caigny, who left for Hoffenheim in Germany. Cayman, … Read more

Covid-19 around the world: Israel expands 4th dose of vaccine, United States joins list of countries classified “red” by France

The wave of the Omicron variant has exploded the number of contaminations by Covid-19: the first region concerned, Europe – the current epicenter of the pandemic – is facing unprecedented levels of contamination: more than 4.9 million infections were recorded in the last seven days, 59% more than the previous week, according to a count … Read more

Best driver of the year in Formula 1 2021: The stable managers choose the entire list 1-10.

The stable managers in Formula 1 have chosen the best driver of the year in Formula 1 in 2021. There are of course the two World Cup combatants Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, but also a lot of surprises. All team leaders except Mattia Binotto (Ferrari) have been involved in choosing the best driver in … Read more

Rome, Tiago Pinto’s list: here are the shots for Mourinho

Mayday, mayday. The alarm rings twice, how many are the purchases that Mourinho expects to shore up an incomplete rose. The January market is around the corner on New Years Eve, it is a precious draft which can guarantee fresh air and reinvigorate ambitions. Surely the fans would have expected something more than sixth place, … Read more

More than 40,000 endangered species, including dragonflies, according to the IUCN “red list”

According to the IUCN, 16% of dragonflies are threatened with extinction. JOEL SAGET / AFP The Red List, a reference document of 142,577 species, both fauna and flora, identified for the first time more than 40,000 endangered species – 40,084 to be precise, warned the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN ), Thursday, … Read more

“ENI will be the first oil group to list its activity in renewable energies on the stock market”

ENI Laboratory, in San Donato, near Milan, March 15, 2019. MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP Things are really changing in the land of black gold, in an almost schizophrenic position: it still fills its coffers with petrodollars, but investors increasingly avoid it and don’t give it more than three decades before. to gradually disappear after a … Read more

We list the main releases in the gaming world in October

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Between sports games, first person shooters, survival horror, fighting… there are games for all tastes. Check out the list with the main releases that reach the gaming world in children’s month. FIFA 22 – October 1st With Kylian Mbappé illustrating the cover, FIFA 22 will be available on the … Read more

The History of Scorsese’s List, A Nomination of 50 Films to Colleagues

short Music Non Stop no Facebook A great friend of the theater once told me that she would refuse to accept any work whose theme would be to create about the pandemic. According to her, it would not be possible to write anything valid on the subject while we were still inside it. There has … Read more