“The fifth wave arrives at a hospital which is bloodless”: Laurent Zieleskiewicz, anesthetist-resuscitator

“Two years after the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, I feel a double feeling of disappointment and worry. The fifth wave arrives on a hospital which is bloodless. Much of the nursing staff has quit and those who remain are extremely tired. Today, paradoxically, we can open fewer additional intensive care beds than in the … Read more

Jenke Ahmed Tailly, stylist: “My mother went easily from an Yves Saint Laurent dress to an African loincloth”

The mother of stylist Jenke Ahmed Tailly, aka Lejenke. JENKE AHMED TAILLY “This is my mother, Thérèse, she must have been around 26 in this photo. It’s the late 1970s or early 1980s and I was born two or three years ago. As a child, I admired this photo a lot in my grandmother’s house … Read more

Laurent Depoitre knows he can still do better: “I hope to be a little more efficient in the next matches”

Visiting Partizan, 2nd in the group with 6 points, Sven Kums allowed his family to leave with victory (0-1) on October 21. They will therefore have the opportunity to increase their lead and ensure qualification in case of victory against the Serbs at home on Thursday. “Partizan is a team that leads the Serbian league. … Read more

In “Le Peuple microbien”, the infinitely small examined under the magnifying glass of biologist Laurent Palka

At the end of the XVIIe century, after the revelation by the clothier Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek of the invisible world of animalcules thanks to the magnifying power of the optical lens, scientists set out in search of tiny lives, being passionate about both the water of the lakes and the tartar of the teeth or … Read more