United Kingdom: serial “Booze parties” in Downing Street in the midst of a pandemic

The British already knew for the end of 2020 Christmas parties in Downing Street, with board games and all-you-can-eat canapes, when they were all deprived of family gatherings. They also discovered on Monday January 10 the proven existence of a “Booze party” (an alcoholic evening) on ​​May 20, 2020, in which Boris Johnson admitted to … Read more

United Kingdom: Boris Johnson’s future compromised after new revelations about the parties during confinement

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a speech in Downing Street on January 4, 2022. JACK HILL / AP Since the end of November 2021, not a week has gone by without a revelation about the celebrations which would have taken place in 2020 at 10 Downing Street, the residence and headquarters of the British … Read more

Covid in the world: the United Kingdom deplores more than 150,000 deaths since the start of the epidemic

The United Kingdom recorded Saturday, January 8, 313 new deaths due to Covid-19, bringing to 150,057 the total number of people who have died since the start of the pandemic in this country, one of the most bereaved in Europe. In Mexico, officially 300,000 deaths have been counted. More than 2 million daily cases of … Read more

Covid-19 in the world: more than 200,000 cases recorded in twenty-four hours in the United Kingdom, one million in the United States

A man crosses London Bridge, with Tower Bridge behind, during the early morning rush hour, as the UK government recommends telecommuting, in the financial district of the City of London, London, Great Britain, January 4, 2022. TOBY MELVILLE / REUTERS The number of contaminations due to the Omicron variant is exploding. The current epicenter of … Read more

United Kingdom: the new entry conditions in France create confusion among some Britons, temporarily prohibited from entering the Channel Tunnel

The confusion – and annoyance – had lasted for almost two days before the French government announced Thursday, December 30, a temporary relaxation of the rules. Two days during which British motorists wishing to cross France to reach their European residences outside France were denied access to the Channel Tunnel. In question ? New French … Read more

In the United Kingdom, a new photo of Boris Johnson in a festive meeting in full confinement is controversial

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 3, 2021. JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP It is an embarrassing image. the Guardian published, Sunday December 19, a photo of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with about fifteen people in the garden at 10 Downing Street. The snapshot is dated May 15, 2020. However, at that time, the … Read more

Fishing licenses: France will ask the European Commission to initiate proceedings against the United Kingdom

French fishermen on their trawler take part in the blockade of the port of Calais on November 26, 2021. PASCAL ROSSIGNOL / REUTERS Negotiations continue, but Paris is losing patience. France, which is still waiting for the British authorities to issue 73 licenses to its fishermen, will ask the European Commission to initiate post-Brexit litigation … Read more

In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson weakened by an electoral setback

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street, London on December 16, 2021. TOLGA AKMEN / AFP More bad news for Boris Johnson: the Conservative Party, led by the Prime Minister, received an election slap on Thursday, December 16, in a by-election in North Shropshire, a rural constituency in the west of the Midlands, in … Read more

United Kingdom: Boris Johnson’s party severely beaten in partial legislative action

Boris Johnson, in London, December 15, 2021. TOLGA AKMEN / AP He was already surrounded by scandals, here he is weakened at the polls. The British Prime Minister suffered a serious setback Thursday, December 16, following the defeat of the Conservative Party in a partial legislative in England. Two years after his triumph in the … Read more

Omicron variant: faced with the “tidal wave” in the United Kingdom, the British press beats the recall

A long queue has formed in front of the pharmacy in Sevenoaks (England), in the hope of receiving a booster dose of the vaccine against the Covid-19, on December 13, 2021 GARETH FULLER / AP The day after a speech by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the media across the Channel largely seized, Monday, December … Read more