Pardubice – Kladno 4: 3 PP, Jágr returned to Kladno, but did not prevent the collapse of the Knights –

Photo gallery Photo: Josef Vostárek, ČTK Adam Kubík from Kladno rejoices at the goal.Photo: Josef Vostárek, CTK Photo: Josef Vostárek, ČTK Jaromír Jágr from Kladno, Adam Musil from Pardubice and Kyle Wood from Kladno.Photo: Josef Vostárek, CTK Photo: Josef Vostárek, ČTK The hockey players of Kladno rejoice at the goal.Photo: Josef Vostárek, CTK The healed … Read more

Jagr still has an overview and strength. When he starts, it’s hard to stop him. We did it, Krejčí breathed

From left David Krejčí from Olomouc, Tomáš Plekanec from Kladno. Petr Sznapka, CTK What was it like to share it again after years with Jágr and Plekance? Nothing easy. Especially when they play together in a line. We had it harder. But we managed it, and most of all we enjoyed it together with the … Read more

ANTOŠ’S BLADE: Jagr and judge, that’s ridiculous! The fine for Douder’s truth is embarrassing

From left, Jaromír Jágr from Kladno and Milan Douder from Třinec. Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK The message was perfectly clear. And I am very surprised that Třinec received a fine of ten thousand from the director of the Řezníček extra league. I’m embarrassed. Anyone other than one of the experienced players should already say that the … Read more