Solomon Islands: third day of riots, a curfew imposed in the capital

Screen capture from video showing riots in Solomon Islands capital Honiara on November 25, 2021. CHARLEY’S PLATE / AP The capital of the Solomon Islands is now placed under curfew for an indefinite period. The measure came into effect Friday, November 26 in Honiara after a third day of riots in the city. During the … Read more

Covid-19: why the expansion of the booster dose was imposed on the government

Olivier Véran, Minister of Health and Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of Education, during the situation update on Covid-19 of November 25, 2021. JULIEN MUGUET FOR “THE WORLD” The executive is boosting the vaccine booster campaign against Covid-19. Olivier Véran announced, Thursday, November 25, an expansion of the booster dose to all of the adult population. From … Read more