Threatened, the mythical Polish daily “Gazeta Wyborcza” fights for its identity

Printing of the Polish daily “Gazeta Wyborcza”, in Warsaw, in February 1999. PAWEL KOPCZYNSKI / REUTERS On this Thursday, November 25, at the headquarters of the Gazeta Wyborcza, the mythical daily founded by the opponent to communism and figure of the Solidarnosc union Adam Michnik, the offices are almost deserted because of the pandemic. But … Read more

Revolutionary identity verification technique offers robust solution to hacking

Journal Reference: Pouriya Alikhani, Nicolas Brunner, Claude Crépeau, Sébastien Designolle, Raphaël Houlmann, Weixu Shi, Nan Yang, Hugo Zbinden. Experimental relativistic zero-knowledge proofs. Nature, 2021; 599 (7883): 47 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-03998-y “Current identification schemes that use personal identification numbers (PINs) are incredibly insecure faced with a fake teller machine that stores the PINs of users,” says Crépeau, … Read more