Engineers test an idea for a new hovering rover

Journal Reference: Oliver Jia-Richards, Sebastian K. Hampl, Paulo C. Lozano. Electrostatic Levitation on Atmosphere-Less Planetary Bodies with Ionic-Liquid Ion Sources. Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, 2021; 58 (6): 1694 DOI: 10.2514/1.A35001 Because they lack an atmosphere, the moon and other airless bodies such as asteroids can build up an electric field through direct exposure to … Read more

Fagerlund: Laughed to myself – then it felt like a good idea

Published: Less than 3 hours ago Updated: Less than 3 hours ago Another third, another zero. It sounds good but it did not look good for Manchester United. When Sascha Lense’s face glimpsed past on Carrow Road just before kick-off, I chuckled a little to myself. Not that Ralph Rangnick’s latest addition to Manchester United’s … Read more

Choosing your bank according to your convictions, the idea is gaining ground

“It remains very complicated to navigate, especially in the face of the speeches of establishments very quick to qualify their offers as sustainable or green,” said Lucie Pinson, Goldman prize for the environment 2020. SMETEK / PHOTONONSTOP What does your bank do with the money in your current account and your savings accounts? If few … Read more

In Brescia, a smart home with AVE home automation to rethink the idea of ​​a home in a hi-tech key

A smart home with AVE home automation to rethink the idea of house in a hi-tech key. With this premise, a house was born in Brescia that concentrates the best of domotica DOMINA Smart e of AVE design thus inaugurating a new concept of inhabit between comfort, luxury and technology of the highest level. Located … Read more