the most perfect, intimate and groundbreaking humor show that nobody has done during the pandemic you have it on Netflix

He’s had all the time in the world. And when someone with inordinate talent locks himself in with his wits for little less than an apocalypse that seemed eternal, it is normal for that combination to result something unrepeatable. ‘Bo Burnham: Inside’ is exactly that. A comedian, artist, musician, whatever. Raw. Unfiltered. The comic trip … Read more

Historical heretical humor, from Aristotle to Ricky Gervais

The legendary Terry Frances Eagleton (Salford, 1943) is one of the best cultural analysts of the Marxist, Christian and working-class left. Furthermore, and this is relevant, we are dealing with a thinker capable of being funny without losing depth. For years, on the back covers of his books, he used as a promotional phrase something … Read more

Seinfeld returns via NETFLIX: Where does the humor of the most famous sitcom of the 90s come from? | LIGHTS

According to the criteria of Know more Episodes that always began with a coffee in between, in the familiar surroundings of Tom’s restaurant, the meeting point of Jerry Seinfeld (playing himself), Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), George Costanza (Jason Alexander) and Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards). So many times it has been said that “Seinfeld” is a … Read more

‘She Dies Tomorrow’, hallucinated tale of terror and black humor about the contagious anxiety of the fear of death

It hasn’t been a good year for anyone, but for Amy Seimetz we could say that it has been a little worse. After a traumatic relationship with Shane Carruth, the actress, screenwriter and director premiered ‘She Dies Tomorrow’ in the United States after a strong controversy with her ex-partner in networks. Fortunately for all, his … Read more

Dan Stevens on I’m Your Man and How the Film Tackles Epic Philosophical Concepts With Humor

He also talked about playing John Dean in ‘Gaslit’ with Sean Penn and Julia Roberts. With director Maria Schrader’s I’m Your Man opening in select theaters tomorrow, I recently spoke to Dan Stevens about making the German science fiction romance. If you haven’t seen the trailer, I’m Your Man is about a woman (Maren Eggert) … Read more

A Bittersweet Film, Equal Parts Humor And Despair : NPR

About Endlessness opens with the visual of a couple (Jan-Eje Ferling and Tatiana Delaunay) floating through gray, cloudy skies. Magnolia Pictures hide caption toggle caption Magnolia Pictures About Endlessness opens with the visual of a couple (Jan-Eje Ferling and Tatiana Delaunay) floating through gray, cloudy skies. Magnolia Pictures About Endlessness is a fitting title for … Read more

The MCU’s Trademark Humor Makes Its Tragedy More Meaningful

The MCU has seen its fair share of both comedy and tragedy, but the former plays a significant role in enhancing the meaningfulness of the latter. Across more than thirteen years and twenty-three movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given fans their fair share of comedic highs and tragic lows, with the trademark former often … Read more

Apple series: ‘Servant’: bad vibes, overwhelm and macabre humor with the Shyamalan label | TV

Servant is a hidden series on a platform almost as hidden. Apple TV + may not be the best-known on-demand television service, or the one with the most content. But it is possible that he is one of the most successful with his handful of original productions. In a catalog that has jewelry like Ted … Read more