Mehdi Ali, at the Park Hotel with Djokovic: “You know how it feels. We cheer for you, help us!”

Arrived in Australia from Iran in 2013 at the age of 15, he has always been detained: “Nole is a world champion, he has lived what we have been living for years. Now I hope he will give us a hand” Federica Cocchi January 15 – Milano Mehdi Ali is one of the refugees who … Read more

World Cup in Qatar – difficult search for a hotel

From November 27 to December 18, 2022, 32 soccer teams will play for the title of world champion in Qatar. In addition to the host, twelve nations have already qualified. These include associations that have fans who love to travel. This is likely to be the case with the Argentines, Brazilians, Danes, English and Germans … Read more

Covid-19: in a hotel in Roissy, the dismay of the confined Omicron

Clément Hardy poses after his ten days of quarantine in a hotel, in Tremblay-en-France (Seine-Saint-Denis), December 21, 2021. JULIEN MUGUET FOR “THE WORLD” Clément Hardy is happy. After ten days of imprisonment in the few square meters of his hotel room, the 535, finally freedom! Tuesday, December 21, his mother came from Rouen to pick … Read more

REVIEWS: Aimee Mann immersed herself in the dark corners of her mind at the “Queens of the Summer Hotel”

American singer Aimee Mann became best known as the songwriter for the award-winning film “Magnolia”. The career of the respected artist was subsequently paved by a number of nominations for prestigious awards, and even one Grammy for the last album “Mental Illness”. How will his successor “Queens of the Summer Hotel” fare? 8/10 Aimee Mann … Read more