The 30 scariest horror movies of 2021, according to science

Although fear can be subjective and what terrifies some, for others it can be like a walk in the park, the truth is that science has found a way to find which movies are the most terrifying. So keep reading to bewitch you, because we don’t say it, science says it. In order to define … Read more

Some new Netflix horror goodies to kick-start your scary October season | Opinion

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My Scaredy Cat’s Guide to Watching Horror Movies

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The Scariest Movies Shot in DFW

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Horror Film Fest Director on How Smoking Weed Impacts Scary Movies

click to enlarge What do old Count Chocula commercials, bite-sized candy bars and cheesy horror movies have in common? You guessed it: They’re all better with weed involved. In all seriousness, cannabis and the horror genre have an interesting relationship that’s developed over the last several decades. As early as the ’70s, cannabis users were … Read more

Strange–Why Do Scary Movies & Ghost Stories Make Us Feel Better?

Honestly, I’m still a bit baffled. When you ask people what their top fears happen to be, you can usually bet that death is near the top–at least for many. After all, it’s the great “unknown.” And as you’ve probably noticed ;), many of the scary movies and ghost stories we love to hear, watch, … Read more

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The Purge or The Purge: What is The Purge Forever about and where can you see it?

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