Jon Bernthal says he’d come back as the Punisher if Marvel made it darker

Netflix canceló The Punisher – 62% more than two years ago and fans were horrified by the death of Marvel characters on the platform. Disney already had its own plans for glory and that didn’t include the red streaming giant. Time has passed and some dream of seeing those incredible figures again, including Jon Bernthal … Read more

Jon Bernthal Says He’d Return As The Punisher If It Was Dark Enough

Jon Bernthal has spent well over two years being constantly linked with a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Punisher, or a re-debut if you agree with Kevin Feige that the Netflix shows aren’t official canon. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s not as if the actor isn’t out there admitting that he’d … Read more

Suicide Squad’s Will Smith says whether he’d return as Deadshot

For Worlds of DC fans who missed Will Smith’s portrayal of Deadshot in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, there’s good news. Following the release of The Suicide Squad, DC’s re-imagining of David Ayer’s 2016 movie, Will Smith has finally revealed whether he’d return as the anti-hero in future, putting to bed rumours that Idris Elba’s … Read more

Jerry Springer Would Love Brad Pitt to Play Him in a Movie but Laughs Because He’d Get Woody Allen

Jerry Springer laughed when asked who he would want to play him if the story of his life ever made it to the silver screen. While he’d love to have someone like Brad Pitt take on the role, he joked that with his luck, he’d get director Woody Allen. Jerry Springer would love Brad Pitt … Read more

Jesse Eisenberg Says He’d Love To Play Lex Luthor Again – nonenglishfeed

DCEU continuity has always been pretty messy, and things are only set to get a whole lot worse in the future, unless of course The Flash uses its multiversal premise to wipe the canonical slate clean and finally have everyone singing from the same songbook almost a decade after Man of Steel. Speaking of the … Read more