Djokovic’s expulsion temporarily suspended, the Serb placed in detention on Saturday before the hearing scheduled for Sunday: relive our live

What you must remember : – The Minister of Immigration has decided to assert his right to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa. Judge Anthony Kelly therefore convened a hearing to hear the lawyers for both parties. – As expected, Djokovic’s lawyers challenged the cancellation of his visa on a reason deemed irrational. – The Australian government, … Read more

Djokovic’s lawyers testify during legal hearing regarding his visa: “The player was completely confused”

The lawyers of “Djoko”, held for five days in a center for migrants in Melbourne, try to convince the federal court that the 34-year-old player contracted the Covid in December, which would exempt him from a compulsory vaccination to enter on the territory. In a hearing that AFP was able to follow online, Federal Judge … Read more

When the brain switches from hearing to listening

Journal Reference: Gioia De Franceschi, Tania Rinaldi Barkat. Task-induced modulations of neuronal activity along the auditory pathway. Cell Reports, 2021; 37 (11): 110115 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2021.110115 It is intuitively clear to us that there is a difference between passive hearing and active listening. Attention and an animated state, but also movement, play a role in how … Read more

Moscow refuses hearing of key witness at MH17 trial

During the trial investigating the criminal aspect of the case of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine in 2014, at the Schiphol court complex, the Netherlands, on December 8, 2021. SEM VAN DER WAL / AFP Russia rejected, on December 3, a request for mutual legal assistance in the context of the trial … Read more

Closer to gene therapy that would restore hearing for the congenitally deaf

Journal Reference: Aayushi Manchanda, Josephine A. Bonventre, Sean M. Bugel, Paroma Chatterjee, Robyn Tanguay, Colin P. Johnson. Truncation of the otoferlin transmembrane domain alters the development of hair cells and reduces membrane docking. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2021; mbc.E20-10-0657 DOI: 10.1091/mbc.E20-10-0657 The work centers around a large gene responsible for an inner-ear protein, otoferlin. … Read more

Edmilson Jr’s transfer to Al-Duhail: Bruno Venanzi’s hearing is postponed

This Friday morning, the Hasselt council chamber will decide, or not, to send Bruno Venanzi to the criminal court, in the case between Standard and Sint-Truiden, as part of the transfer of Edmilson Jr, from the Liège club to Al-Duhail, in August 2018. The substance of this case is financial, the Trudonnaire club believing to … Read more

At the heart of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, his mental health and American prisons

A protester wears a mask of Julian Assange, whose hearing which must decide whether or not to maintain the refusal of his extradition to the United States took place on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 October, in London. TOLGA AKMEN / AFP On paper, British justice must decide whether the refusal to extradite Julian Assange … Read more