Todd Haynes’ The Velvet Underground Is a Hallucinatory Time Capsule

In a 1989 interview with The New York Times, The Velvet Underground vocalist and guitarist Lou Reed said, “There’s a joke that we didn’t sell many records, but that everyone who bought them went out and started a band.” This observation has been revised over the years—it apparently was first said by Brian Eno in … Read more

Todd Haynes: ‘This world is too cosy. Except cosy is almost too cosy a word’ | Todd Haynes

In March last year, when the pandemic struck, the film-maker Todd Haynes had his escape route all prepared. He was locked down in Los Angeles, a thousand miles from home, surrounded by footage from a fantastical bygone age. He spent his days happily poring over Super 8 film of New York, mainlining songs about heroin … Read more

‘I went looking for Tom Cruise in the unlikely South London town he’s just moved to and almost found him in Waitrose’ – Tom Haynes

I’m standing at a bus stop, staring at my Oyster card, marvelling that with its power I have managed to travel 15 miles from my home in South East London. I am in Biggin Hill, which is supposedly in Bromley, London’s southernmost borough although I’m not so sure that’s an accurate descriptor. Given it is … Read more