“It’s not difficult, but it’s hard”: how are the little French schoolchildren doing?

Avril, 7 years old, in CE1, in her Parisian room. She was photographed by her mom, Julie, on January 12, 2022. JIE HIPPIE POP – FAMILY ARCHIVES There’s a kind of reassuring little music that we’ve always been playing: children have a tremendous capacity for adaptation. Convenient, when you have to take what most adults … Read more

Rappeři zabrali v top desítce českého albového žebříčku devět míst. O nejúspěšnější novinku se postaral ďábelský Hard Rico

Nedalo se očekávat, že by české žebříčky v lednu přetékaly novými jmény. Jejich aktuální vydání to potvrzuje – další triumfy přidávají Adele a Viktor Sheen. Zatímco v rádiovém éteru se nemění ani ostatní medailisté, v albech z povánočního úpadku prodejů těžili hlavně hojně streamovaní rappeři. © Columbia Records RÁDIA – Ani na pátý pokus nikdo … Read more

How to connect hard drive to android tablet

We are experiencing a moment of transition in technology that concerns its portable usability: the struggle of manufacturers to get tablets to replace laptops as productivity tools rather than pure consumption of digital information. One of the main handicaps is in its storage capacity. While laptops have powerful hard drives, tablets still have the limitation … Read more

Novel chemical design makes hard crystals stretchy

“Picture a diamond that behaves like a rubber band,” says Assistant Professor of Chemistry Chenfeng Ke. His research team has designed a new type of porous, carbon-based crystals that can stretch to more than twice their length. Known to chemists as porous organic frameworks, these materials are typically hard. They are built from a scaffold … Read more

In Italy, soaring gas prices hit Murano glassmakers hard

At the manufacturer of glass art products Gambero & Tagliapietra, in Murano (Italy), May 18, 2020. ANDREA PATTARO/AFP The master craftsman takes the glowing glass ball out of the flames using a cane, then rolls it in gold dust. “Once cooled, this piece will be part of a chandelier”, explains Andrea della Valentina. His company, … Read more

Jagr still has an overview and strength. When he starts, it’s hard to stop him. We did it, Krejčí breathed

From left David Krejčí from Olomouc, Tomáš Plekanec from Kladno. Petr Sznapka, CTK What was it like to share it again after years with Jágr and Plekance? Nothing easy. Especially when they play together in a line. We had it harder. But we managed it, and most of all we enjoyed it together with the … Read more

Inflation hits Eastern Europe hard

A kerosene lamp, in Glod (Romania), on November 4, 2021. ANDREEA CAMPEANU / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP For days now, the inhabitants of Timisoara, in western Romania, have started their day with the same ritual: feeling their radiator with anxiety. On October 26, more than 50,000 homes, as well as schools and hospitals in the … Read more

“I never imagined having such a hard time recruiting”: In the disability sector, an alarming shortage of staff

Par Nithya Paquiry Posted today at 11:55 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageAt the nursing home in Lormont, near Bordeaux, residents and their families are worried about the staff hemorrhage. Management and employees, breathless, sound the alarm bells. On the walls of Maryline’s bedroom, self-adhesive butterflies sit alongside posters of singers Kendji Girac and Amir, … Read more

Fagerlund: Another ear file for Malmö – but no hard one

Published: Less than 20 minutes ago full screen Photo: PETTER ARVIDSON / BILDBYRÅN Sure, new loss, no goal yet. But this ear file is a light caress for Malmö compared to previous efforts. Thousands of supporters drown out the banal lyrics known as the Champions League anthem with songs about Malmö. It is hardly possible … Read more