REVIEW: Hana Zagorová’s jubilee selection “1968 – 2020” hides shortcomings in a shiny box

In recent days, news about the poor health of one of our biggest singing stallions, Hana Zagorová, has been circulating on the Internet. Either way, the desire to sing our multiple golden nightingale is definitely not waning. And the fact that he still has something to say with his current work is also proved by … Read more

In Japan, the suicide of wrestler Hana Kimura prompts justice to crack down on cyberbullying

Ayaka Shiomura, Senator and former TV personality, victim of cyberbullying, receives an apology from Akihiro Suzuk in Tokyo in 2014. JIJI PRESS / AFP LETTER FROM TOKYO Japan will crack down on online harassment, threatening to send perpetrators behind bars. A working group from the Ministry of Justice made a proposal in this regard at … Read more